This service is being offered on a trial basis. 

To book your watch in for a battery replacement, please call us on 01555 661312, email us at or message us on facebook @McKellarsJewellers

The cost is £8.00 per watch fully inclusive


Batteries are fitted Free of any additional charge, but they are fitted at the customers own risk.

 What we mean by this is that on occasion a component may weaken or break through no fault of our staffs. This is usually down to accumulated wear and tear or poor manufacture and is ‘unavoidable’ in nature. In this event McKellars will not be held responsible for any additional repair or replacement and an additional cost to rectify will probably be incurred.

The most common issues are: –

A worn rubber seal stretching or breaking.

A case lug shearing off, usually on plastic or wooden cased watches.

Clamp Screw head shearing off.

Worn strap breaking.

One or more Batons or dial numbers falling off of the dial.

Minor scratching occurring due to metal to metal contact with tools.

Internal plastic components designed to secure movement shearing due to denigration.

The watch back buckling and/or warping and not going back on.

The Button /Stem shearing.

Internal plastic lugs designed to secure the battery clamp shearing, again due to denigration.

Any damage incurred as a result of error on our part, will be rectified Free of charge. 

For example – If we crack or break the glass whilst trying to re-fit the back.

Any serious or major scratch that occurs due to tools slipping.

Collection and deliver is charged at £1.00 of the combined £8.00 charge and will wherever possible be done within a 24hr time period.

The time window for collection and delivery will be between 4:00pm – 6:00pm only.

You will be notified ASAP of any delay beyond our control.

Your watch(s) will be placed into sealed bags on collection and returned in a sealed bag(s).

Your watch is fully insured during the entire process.

Note, any damage incurred or fault discovered during the replacement process will result in a delay, whilst an estimate is sought from the appropriate workshop.

Normally this will take 1-2 weeks, however, depending on the workshop used this can in extreme cases take up to a number of months if the watch needs to be returned to the manufacturer and they are Swiss based. 

If the watch will still not function correctly after the cell (Battery) replacement, a free of charge diagnostic test will be performed to try and identify the issue, (Electrical or mechanical fault). 

An approximate Estimate for repair will be provided free of charge. A more detailed estimate can be obtained by us forwarding to an appropriate specialist workshop.


Cash on delivery.

A sealed bag will be provided with the correct change allowing you to decide how long you wait before touching the coins.


Card payment over the phone may be used the day after delivery.

We will not accept payment in advance.