A wonderful gift for any proud Scotsman or a loved one who is interested in their Scottish heritage.

This pewter Quaich bowl is manufactured according to traditional standards of craftsmanship with a twist of contemporary design thrown in to produce a truly exceptional item.

The 2.5 inch Quaich is 3.5cm tall and features a Celtic band around the otherwise highly polished bowl, and also boasts two gorgeous Scottish thistle style handles. The inside of the bowl includes an attractive Scottish thistle image together with the text – SLAINTE MHATH, which is a traditional toast that translates as ‘Your Good Health‘.

All of our Quaichs come complete with a colour leaflet explaining the history of the Quaich which reads; ‘The Highland Quaich. Traditionally the “Quaich” which originated in the Scottish highlands was used both for a “Cup of Welcome” and also when offering a farewell drink. The Quaich was originally made from the primitive “staved” wood, then later from horn or leather, eventually pewter and silver becoming popular as it became the favourite drinking cup throughout Scotland. Being derived from the Gaelic word “cuach” meaning “shallow cup” the distinctive design has remained unchanged over the centuries – a shallow drinking bowl with 2 handles, colloquially known as “lugs”.’ The Quaich is supplied beautifully packaged in a stylish cream and black presentation box.