Gentlemen’s accessories are often overlooked.

It’s been great to see how men over the last few years have increasingly paid attention to aspects of personal style, but while in general we’re becoming more dapper, the finishing touches are often overlooked. Small accents such as wallets and business card holders can really transform an outfit, while a pair of cufflinks or a striking timepiece can both contribute to an overall look, and be really satisfying in themselves.

This seems important: design should be functional, but it should be something more – it should be pleasurable, and, frankly, fun. Throughout the Dalvey range you can find pieces – such as the Artisan Razors– that are all about transforming the routine, the everyday, the quotidian, into something uplifting.

Our drive to accessorise the modern gentleman isn’t about frills – it’s not about decoration or ostentation. It’s about saying that life should be enjoyed, and about recognising the pleasures of great design. Consider your wallet: is it slim enough for you, or does it create a bulky, minor irritation (every single day)? Does it give you a small but dependable sense of satisfaction and appreciation when you take it out of your pocket? It ought to: not because you’d be brandishing it for all to see, but because it should be a reliable instance of your appreciation of great design.

At the risk of being overly contemplative, it’s actually about equipping yourself with items that you’ve chosen with care – pieces that you can rely on to contribute functionality to your life.

Dalvey have had years of experience in designing, crafting, refining and using gentlemen’s accessories. That last one’s important: they use everything they make – and joke about being “walking adverts”, but it’s crucial to really get a sense of what’s great about a design, and what could be improved. They have broadened the range as they have become impatient to cover more aspects of a complete lifestyle, and  refined it over years of being active in markets all over the world.

Here at Mckellars, We hope to inspire you in your gift giving to a gentleman, and make this whole process easier and more convenient with our selection of luxury items available.

Dalvey products available in store now, and will be available to purchase online as soon as possible.