Having recently overhauled our tried and tested repair service, we are delighted to offer an even wider and more robust offering.

We now offer a professional jewellery cleaning service for all jewellery by using a specialist ultrasonic machine as well as a professional polishing machine to clean items making them look brand new again.  The Polishing Machine (also called the Buffing Machine) is used to polish metals such as gold, silver and platinum. The two ‘mops’ spin at high speed as the material is carefully pressed against the mop and moved backwards and forwards it will be polished.
The material must be filed to removed scratches and then wet and dry paper or emery cloth is used to further smooth the surfaces. Only then can it be polished on the buffing machine.

Prices for jewellery cleaning start from £5 and vary depending on the condition of the item and what work is involved i.e. if a white gold ring needs cleaning, it will need rhodium plating which is a more expensive job than a standard clean.

In addition we also offer a complimentary jewellery check service.

We will inspect the condition of your jewellery while you wait, and offer suggestions to what is required. Loose stones can be re-set or tightened, and broken or worn claws can be fixed or replaced.

We do ring sizings, as well as repairs to platinum, gold and silver jewellery.

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