The traditional method for creating jewellery, especially rings, is by taking a piece of wax, then building it up and carving it by hand to the desired shape. This process is very time consuming. It is almost impossible to get a perfectly symmetrical ring. We at McKellars now offer the option of  creating bespoke jewellery on a 3D CAD program.

CAD means computer aided design and there are several benefits for working with CAD  programs. They give a completely dimensionally accurate piece of jewellery from start to finish. This means that the jewellery is able to be designed to very precise standards. If the ring is supposed to be the same on both sides of the y axis, or center of the ring, it will be.

With CAD we can show our clients what the ring will look like when it is done on the screen before any jewellery is made. A client that comes in and has an idea for a ring can easily see what the finished product should look like.

Another advantage of our computer design program is that individualisation of jewellery is possible. In the past the client was forced to choose a piece of jewellery that was mass produced by large scale design companies, or face paying a premium for a custom designed piece of jewellery. But now our consumer has the ability to get custom designed jewellery without paying the high custom prices.

Why not pop in store for a consultation with our CAD specialist and start the process for your new jewellery.